Tired of putting everything on hold due to illness?


Wouldn’t it be great to have all the answers you need in one spot,

to heal a cold or the flu naturally, and get back to living your life!


Are you frustrated with being offered only antibiotics every time you go to the Dr’s office?

Are you looking for natural treatments to help you or your kids get better? 

Are you tired of spending countless hours online trying to figure out what natural remedies will work best? 

Do family members get better just in time to get sick again? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there when it comes time to help you or your family get better?


Whether you already use natural medicine or not, when it comes to needing answers fast, it can be hard to get yourself in the right state of mind to know what to do to heal yourself or family naturally.


When cold & flu season comes around: 

You want to have all the answers you need to treat yourself naturally in one spot.

You want to know what to take that will actually work, rather than being a guinea pig when you're sick. 

You want to find answers quickly to help your little one feel better without having to rely on Tylenol or antibiotics.

You want to know what you can do to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season.

You want to get back to life, cause face it, life doesn’t stop just because you’re sick.




What if during cold & flu season:

  • You no longer had to spend hours, in frantic mode, scouring "Dr Google" for reliable and safe answers.
  • You had nearly all the answers you needed in one spot, giving you reassurance that you’ll find what you need to get started treating your sick self (or sick family) naturally.
  • You could go to a trusted source, like going to a Dr, who had more natural treatment options. 
  • You started treating your symptoms with simple kitchen remedies to get some immediate relief.
  • You knew which natural remedies to get, including: herbal teas, essential oils, homeopathics and supplements.  
  • No more getting sick and finding yourself 2 weeks later still feeling "under the weather." Cause face it, life is busy, and the last thing you need is to try to plow through at 50%.


I am going to tell you a little secret…..are you ready?

Here it is (drum roll please)……

Natural Remedies are Super Effective for Cold & Flu Season!

IF......you know which ones to use!


The Cold & Flu Naturally Guide is an online resource for those looking to treat themselves naturally during cold and flu season.


Oh, and one more little secret, when treating your sick self naturally…..

your symptoms matter!


Even though everyone might experience a “cold” and we may all experience similar symptoms when the flu comes around…..it is always best to get specific natural remedies that will work for your specific symptoms.


Two BIG reasons:

1.    You are an individual! For instance, if you are always someone who experiences chest symptoms when you get a cold: shortness of breath, wheezing, mucus in your lungs, cough, etc you will want specific therapies that address chest colds. Whereas if you are someone who experiences your cold in your head such as sinus congestion, runny nose, headaches, fullness in ears or sinuses, etc you will want different natural medicine.


2.   You will get better results when you use the herb or therapy most indicated for your symptom or presentation. For example, everyone thinks of Echinacea for cold and flu, but it is really most indicated for the beginning stages of a cold (traditionally it was used for snake bites)….....         There are better treatments depending on a) your symptoms, b) whether it is bacterial or viral, and c) how long you have been sick! 


Pay attention to your symptoms, they are teaching you what medicine will work best.



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In the Cold & Flu Naturally Guide you'll Get my Comprehensive Treatment Recommendations and Protocols for Treating:


Head Module:

  • Headaches
  • Ear infections, Ear pain
  • Sinus infections & congestion

Natural treatments for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections including head pain, postnasal drip, fluid in the ears, runny nose, sinus pain or pressure, and earaches. 


Body Module:

  • Sore throat, Swollen tonsils
  • Cough & Congestion
  • Muscle or Body Aches

Natural treatments for Lower Respiratory Infections including cough, chest pain, mucus/phlegm, congestion, chest cold, body aches, and swollen lymph nodes.


Fever Module

Natural treatments to bring down a fever.

The benefits of a fever and why supporting a healthy fever is key to recovering faster.

Why treating a fever should go from least invasive to more invasive for fastest healing.


General Immune Support Module

Natural treatments to support your whole body.

Specific recommendations made in each of the categories above.

Additional treatments in this section help support the whole immune system.


Within each module you can expect:

Low and no cost remedies that work

Kitchen remedies

Homeopathic Remedies

Herbal Medicine Recommendations

Essential Oil Recommendations

Natural Supplements Specific to the Symptom(s)

How-to Instructions 

Dosing for various populations: children, pregnancy, nursing and general adult




The Prevention Module

Whether you are someone who gets sick more often, takes a long time to recover once you are sick or you're just looking to boost your immune system while everyone else around you is sick, learn what you could be doing daily to prevent yourself from getting a cold or the flu.


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Inside the Cold & Flu Naturally Guide 

When you are sick, don’t worry about where you’re going to find information that works. Join today and know that when you are sick you know right where to go to get the answers you need! Now you don’t have to search around online for hours on end, because it is all in one spot.

Life doesn’t stop, so why should you? (Actually you should rest, but you can recover faster with natural therapies.) Instead of feeling crappy and continuing to push through, you can treat your specific symptoms and give your body the healing boost it needs!



Within each module you will find multiple resources. The first handout(s) are often recommendations that require little or no money, and involve ingredients likely in your kitchen.

There are how-to instructions throughout. 

Additionally, there are various natural supplement recommendtions. You can start here or move here should you not get the results you want with the kitchen remedies. These include homeopathics, herbal medicine, natural supplements and essential oils.





In the Cold & Flu Naturally Guide, You'll Have The Exact Steps to Heal a Sinus Infection, Soothe a Sore Throat, Reduce a Fever, Calm a Cough, Cure an Earache, and so much more!!! 

Special Populations: 

When you have little ones you are trying to treat naturally, you don’t want to have to double check all your resources to make sure they can take what is being recommended. Same goes for pregnant and nursing mamas.   




Not only will you know what to do to treat your sick self naturally (or your sick loved ones naturally), but you also get my best preventative medicine measures.

When everyone around you is sick:

  • How do you stay healthy?
  • What habits do you have that are naturally putting you at risk for getting sick, or staying sick long after you should have recovered?

Don’t get me wrong, it is great to get sick…..it trains your immune system.

But it is not good to get sick more than 1-2X a year, or stay sick for longer than the normal course of an illness (10-14 days). 

If you find that you have trouble staying healthy when everyone else around you gets sick, or you seem to catch everything that goes around, you likely aren’t doing what you could be to keep your immune system strong!

Now you'll have the answers you need in one spot!  

You Get Immediate Access to EVERYTHING!

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